Equine Assisted Wellness and Equine Guided Meditation for Heart Centered Well Being...

Equine Assisted Wellness is a  holistic method of wellness that includes learning, movement, and mindfulness. I created it with principles of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Guided Meditation as a way to improve health and well being, while honoring the horse as a healer, guide, and sentient intuitive being.

Our work here on the farm is far different than you'll find in a traditional equine setting. Riding is not our focus here, our work with the horses is done from the ground, face to face to promote honesty and to include the horse as a partner in our healing journey. We specialize in the needs of women who are facing life threatening illness, or who have endured trauma or abuse. Our horses have been chosen for their unique gifts, especially their intuitive connections, and ability to communicate our behaviors back to us. The farm is private with no commercial activity such as boarding, or riding lessons, and is filled with medicinal herbs and flowers for both horse and human.

I partner humans and horses beginning with the Spring Equinox each year. The Spring sessions are reserved for equestrian athletes who want to deepen their connections to the equine partners and improve core strength and balance. Work will be done primarily with the Equicizer. With the close of the Spring Equinox, we begin our summer sessions and offer mounted Equine Guided Meditation and Tai Chi with our horses, guided Yoga practice in the arena, and balance work with the Equicizer. We conclude all of our work together with a celebration on the Fall Equinox.

After more than a decade in the field of Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy, I became disillusioned with the lack of respect shown to the horse, so I proactively set out to create this way of bringing the horse into the center of the wellness process. We are guests in their private lives, and they deserve to have their physical and emotional needs nurtured and protected, just as we would expect for ourselves. Sadly, for many horses in healing settings, they become nothing more than a tool or prop, like a beach ball or a pool noodle. The  praise and celebration go to the client and the staff, leaving the horse with a pat on the head and cookie as his reward for carrying unbalanced riders who hurt him physically, and absorbing the stress of carrying clients who are fearful, angry, reactive or emotionally depressed or tuned out.